Eva’s Eden Moving Forward


Eva’s Eden Moving Forward

Dear supporters, We are grateful for your love and support over these difficult past few months.  Many of you have asked how we are going to move forward, and it has been our hope that we could continue on as we had before.  At this time, with the … [Read More...]

Eva’s Eden is Vindicated


Eva’s Eden is Vindicated

We are very excited to report that the Law has prevailed and that Eva's Eden has been vindicated.  The Facebook page started by a hate group intent on destroying our organization and founder has been removed due to false accusations and … [Read More...]

Beat the Spring Fling a Great Success!


Beat the Spring Fling a Great Success!

We wrapped up our Beat the Spring Fling spay/neuter campaign with 50 certificates handed out to our Maury County neighbors to help them get their kitties spayed and neutered this spring.  It was a great success, and we're very happy for those 50 … [Read More...]

Bringing Eva’s Eden to You


Bringing Eva’s Eden to You

Yes!!!! We have heard you!!!! Due to the overwhelming requests to expand our private showings and home visits, we're excited to be enlarging our in-home adoption processes to bring the love of the felines directly to you!  Your incredibly generous … [Read More...]

New Video of Thelma and Louise

T and L

New Video of Thelma and Louise

Meet two sweet gals who are looking for a special home together where they can play, be adventurous and love on their new families.  Thelma and Louise are quite the dynamic duo! … [Read More...]

Some Available Kitties at Eva’s Eden



Sally's is a story that we hear, or rather, we don't hear, far too often.  We don't know what the circumstances were that brought her, a young kitten, to be alone and by herself, who happened to wander to the right place where she could be scooped up … [Read More...]


Glorious Gloria

  Isn't this pretty lady a show stopper?  She's a tortoiseshell long haired girl who must have some Persian in her bloodline, as she has the roundest, prettiest face and eyes with petite little ears.  She is very gentle and quiet, and would … [Read More...]


Manly Milo

Milo is a big boy, fluffy and just big.  He is a sweet kitty with beautiful markings on his face that make his look very distinctive.  He is an independent fellow and likes to do his own thing, coming around for some love when he's ready.  He loves … [Read More...]


Strong Gus

Gus is the most handsome boy, big but gentle, fun but sweet, with a lot to share beneath that cool, calm exterior.  He loves to rub around your feet and rub his nose on your cheek when he's ready for love.  Although he's big, he's still just around a … [Read More...]


Happy Hundley

      This picture perfectly illustrates Hundley--he loves to hide at Eva's Eden, but he pokes his head out to watch to see if there is a cozy lap to sit on.  A little shy and cautious at first, he is the ultimate love bug.  He'll … [Read More...]


Sweet Mack

Don't let this big boy fool you…he actually came to us as a tiny little malnourished kitten who was just skin and bones.  We struggled to get him to eat, and then one evening, he started wobbling when he walked and couldn't go more than a few steps.  … [Read More...]

Lightnin McQueen

Speedy Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen is, and has been every since we got him, a sweet, roly-poly fellow with a hefty dose of curiosity and playfulness.  But he also likes to cuddle and snuggle when he is in the mood.  He and his brother were abandoned as little … [Read More...]


Sweet Skye

With this pretty lady, seeing really is believing.  As cute as her picture is, it really doesn't do her justice.  She is a shorthaired dilute tortoiseshell with the most beautiful coloring on her face.   Skye is sweet, inquisitive, calm and so … [Read More...]

Operation Cozy Kitty Brings Warmth with 20 Cat Houses


Free Spay and Neuter Certificates Still Available!

Update:  Just under 10 spay and neuter certificates left...contact us today!  Dr. Lembo from Veterinary Wellness Clinic has already  heard from some folks who are very excited to use their certificates to get their kitties fixed.  This great program … [Read More...]

Update on “Car Crash” Kitten, Now Baron!


Update on “Car Crash” Kitten, Now Named Baron!

Drumroll please...here is our little Baron!  You may remember him as the kitten formerly known by the terrible ordeal he went through being thrown from a car.   The hair on his tail is growing back, he's eating like a champ, he loves his kitty … [Read More...]

A Voice for the Voiceless


Announcing Operation Cozy Kitty…See Us in the Columbia Daily Herald!

Eva's Eden is excited to announce that we are launching a new campaign in here in Maury County.  Read all about it in the Columbia Daily Herald! We know there is a huge need for assistance in our community, as we have been inundated with requests from neighbors, farmers, businesses and … [Read More...]

Adoption Stories


Boots and Lusi

*  Note:  Boots was for many months, our resident "butler cat" greeting guests and hanging out in the office rather than with the rest of the kitties in the showroom.  At nearly 20 lbs, this muscular Siamese boy was a force to be reckoned with, and the most handsome fellow you've ever seen.  We were … [Read More...]


Happy Mater

He is happy!  His brother likes him, his sister will take a little longer but she is getting better. :)  He is so sweet! … [Read More...]


Odin is Happy

We love our Odin! Thank you guys for saving such a wonderful baby!! … [Read More...]


Handsome Harley

One week from today will be the one year anniversary of Harley choosing me as his forever person. I still can't thank you enough for taking such great care of him for so long. You're very missed here in Blaine. … [Read More...]


Contented Shep

Just shy of one year ago we adopted our beautiful boy Shep, and as you can see he's made himself at home. We had another kitty in mind to take home but due to our youngest daughters (6) health issues we couldn't. Which was hard for her to understand! Glad to see how well things are going in the … [Read More...]