Last Weekend in August at the Franklin TSC


Last Weekend in August at the Franklin TSC

Join us this weekend at Franklin's Tractor Supply store on the corner of Nashville Highway and Mack Hatcher Parkway on Saturday and Sunday from 10-5.  We'll have lots of adorable kittens to cuddle, and it's a great opportunity to meet some great new … [Read More...]

Congratulations, Sheriff Bucky Rowland!


Congratulations, Sheriff Bucky Rowland!

Eva's Eden is thrilled and excited to support Bucky Rowland as our new Sheriff of Maury County.  Bucky was trained under Terry Chandler, and they both work together in a supportive and awesome way.  We stand and encourage both of these men in the … [Read More...]

Celebrating 3 1/2 Years of Eva’s Eden


Celebrating 3 1/2 Years of Eva’s Eden

We just held Eva's Eden's First Annual Gathering Reunion!  We had a fabulous time joining together with foster families to celebrate the success of Eva's Eden.  It gave us time to share in memories, in laughter and in love and gratitude for the many … [Read More...]

August Special, All Kittens $45 and Two for Just $10 More!


August Special, All Kittens $45 and Two for Just $10 More!

Summer months are kittens months...there are so many mamas and kittens in need this time of year.  Help us find our beautiful, foster-raised kittens some wonderful new homes so we can continue to take in more and help those in need out!  We have … [Read More...]

Seeking Maury County Feral Population to Help


Seeking Maury County Feral Population to Help

Do you know of a feral colony of cats in the Columbia area who are in need of help?  We would like to support a feral colony by feeding, providing housing, trapping for spay/neuter, and providing any necessary medical care needed.  If you know of a … [Read More...]

A Voice for the Voiceless


A Voice for the Voiceless

To be "The Voice for the voiceless." It is quite the mandate. Quite the call. Some ignore it. Some hear it and do what it is they are able to do, wishing for more. Others burn with it through sleepless nights, tears falling holding little ones that no matter what is tried simply come to die in … [Read More...]

Adoption Stories


Lloyd, the Kitten Formerly Known as Mitchell

Welcome to the family, sweet baby Lloyd! And thank you Eva's Eden for the compassionate work you do for feline friends! … [Read More...]


Boots and Lusi

*  Note:  Boots was for many months, our resident "butler cat" greeting guests and hanging out in the office rather than with the rest of the kitties in the showroom.  At nearly 20 lbs, this muscular Siamese boy was a force to be reckoned with, and the most handsome fellow you've ever seen.  We were … [Read More...]


Happy Mater

He is happy!  His brother likes him, his sister will take a little longer but she is getting better. :)  He is so sweet! … [Read More...]


Odin is Happy

We love our Odin! Thank you guys for saving such a wonderful baby!! … [Read More...]


Handsome Harley

One week from today will be the one year anniversary of Harley choosing me as his forever person. I still can't thank you enough for taking such great care of him for so long. You're very missed here in Blaine. … [Read More...]