Adoption Events

Adoption Event at the Franklin TSC

Eva's Eden will be hosted by the Franklin TSC this Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. In celebration of our new elongated day we are offering a raffle drawing for an overnight get-a-way in Nashville. More details will be forth coming, but we hope you stop in to enter your name. There will be a range of 3-6 month old kittens on site this weekend. We have a few extra special kittens making a debut, who have a unique story to tell, they will be wearing red bows. If you see a red bow on someone in particular, please feel free to ask one of Eva's Eden's volunteers for their story. … ????

Foster Stories

There is Always Hope

This is Jade. No, she isn't going to eat you. But she is one tough mother. A lady, whom we shall refer to as "Ashley," saw her dumpster diving near her apartment complex one day. She watched as Jade dragged some scraps behind the dumpster and into the bushes. She followed Jade to the bushes and peered in. Lo and behold, Jade was dividing the scraps between her four mewling kittens. A neighbor of Ashley's came down to throw away some trash and Ashley asked him, "Do you know who this cat and kittens belongs to?" The man turned to Ashley and said, "They don't belong to anybody. Her owners moved out 3 months ago. I've been meaning to go to the store and buy some poison." Aghast and fearing for the cats' safety, Ashley went back to her apartment for a large cardboard box, poked a few holes in it and placed a blanket inside. She made a phone call to a friend, who knew the perfect animal rescue for the job. Jade let Ashley put her kittens in the box and she followed her back up to her apartment. Ashley met up with an Eva's Eden volunteer within the hour and mom and babies were brought into the vet. After a fecal test was sent out Jade was put on medication for loose stool. For a few months her body took time to adjust to a consistent diet of cat food, while Jade raised her kittens in peace, quiet and safety. Eva's Eden is still in contact with "Ashley" to this day, and although she isn't able to keep Jade for personal reasons Ashley donates once a month and is kept up to date … ????

Special Needs Cats

Katsa Says Thank You

Katsa is bright-eyed and gaining weight after extensive tests and medication she is on the road to good health. Thank you to all who supported her through what were some of her darkest days. She loves to roll around in the grass to receive tummy rubs and now has the energy to go chasing after the chickens again. Katsa needs:  $400-$500 for extensive fecal testing and medications once diagnosis is complete Petite in stature but great in spirit, Katsa was abandoned all alone in a box on the side of the road when she was roughly 8 weeks old. Off to a rocky start Katsa has been very brave but now she is in need of some extra medical care. She loves adventure, wants to spend every waking moment out in the sun and chases chickens like she ins't … ????

Shop AmazonSmile to Support Eva’s Eden

Eva's Eden is now set up to participate in AmazonSmile, Amazon's great charitable giving program.  When you designate a charity to support on AmazonSmile, the company will donate .5% of what you spend on eligible purchases to that non-profit organization.  If you do your shopping on Amazon, (we know we do!), it's a great way to support Eva's Eden without costing you a thing! To sign up, go to  You'll be prompted to search for the charity you'd like to support.  Search for Eva's Eden, then log-in when the log-in page comes up.  Once you're logged in, you will need to confirm Eva's Eden as your charitable organization choice.  You'll receive a confirmation email once you've finished the sign-up process, and at the top of your AmazonSmile page, it will say which charity you are supporting.  Bookmark the AmazonSmile page, make your Amazon purchases as you normally would, and support us at the same time...what a deal.  Thanks for your support! … ????

Available Kittens

2015 Kittens

In the spring and summer, it is kitten time!  We have some darling babies who have been foster raised and socialized, who are ready for new homes.  Here are just a few of them…contact us for details or special requests!        

Support Us Just by Doing Your Shopping at Kroger

We're very excited to be participating in Kroger's Community Rewards program, a great local fundraising opportunity that lets you select the charity of your choice to receive a percentage of what you spend at the grocery store each month.  That's right, you can support your favorite local charity just by purchasing the groceries and household items you would be purchasing anyway!  Kroger has promised a total of $2.5 million to local charities in the next 12 months that are near and dear to its customers' hearts.  It's a wonderful and very generous program.  After just a quick enrollment process, your spending dollars can start adding up! To get started, go to to create an online account with Kroger if you don't already have one.  You'll need your Kroger Plus number handy.  If you don't have a Kroger Plus card, they are available for free at any Kroger service counter.  Once you've set up your account, go to the My Account section, scroll down to Community Rewards, and click Enroll.  Enter your information, search for Eva's Eden, and you're all done.  It's really easy, and it can add up to big rewards for your favorite non-profits, especially this time of year.  Thank you for your generous support!

Adoption Stories

Melvin Spreads His Love at Bayview Retirement Community, Seattle, WA

Melvin the cat recently joined our Assisted Living family. Melvin (formerly known as Jasper) comes to us from Eva’s Eden, a shelter in Blaine, Washington. He is about five years old and not much is known about his early life.  What we do know is that Melvin is a love and his favorite activity is cuddling. It took him a little while to feel comfortable in his new home, but now he is the King of the floor! Melvin joins group activities, claims his own seat in the living room area, and finds a lap whenever possible. When not snuggling with the residents, Melvin can be found participating in the exercise classes, playing with his mouse, or chasing his own tail. He is quite a character and we all can’t imagine life without this wonderful … 🐾

Captain Jack, aka “Cap”

Hi EE: First off, our new family member is now "Cap," short for Captain Jack, another character who is eye-challenged. Cap thinks this is fine, but then, he is enthusiastic about everything. This includes the half gallon of water he tipped over onto the dining room floor this morning. He then watched me clean it up, as did one of our other cats, who has been eyeing the new upstart with annoyance. Oh well, at least this brought them to a common interest. To be fair, their water bowl was empty. Cap has taken us by storm, his still-kittenish ways really livening up this somewhat stodgy house. There's nothing like a 12 pound black cannonball careening into your lap while watching the evening news. And he pounces on our senior cat when … 🐾


It has been a little over a year that I adopted Mystika.  She fits in great with her siblings. I let her go play in the snow as she was mighty curious. I have deemed her the neighborhood spy! She has made a wonderful addition to our-- home thank you for all that you do. I hope things are going well for you in TN. We sure miss having you in Blaine  Attached is some recent photos of Mystika. … 🐾