Special Needs Cats


Noah Needs Assistance for His Legs

  This little guy is Noah, a kitten who came from the shelter with a birth defect that left him with a half leg in front and half leg in back on his right side.  Although he can get around surprisingly well, the stress of his bone on the skin at the bottom of his little stumps causes problems...he needs surgery to move a flap of skin from another part of his body to the stump area to make it easier for him to walk.  Please, we need some help paying for this surgery for Noah, and he would be grateful for your support.  He's a sweet little fellow with a brave little spirit.  Please help us take care of this for him so he has some relief.  Donations can be made by clicking the PayPal button on the right hand sidebar or by contacting … 🐾

50's car wash cropped

Franklin Car Wash Fundraiser – With 50’s Twist

This week Eva's Eden will be at the Franklin TSC off of Columbia Pike. Thank you Spring Hill for last week's wildly successful car wash fundraiser, we would like to share the jitterbugging excitement with your neighbors farther north as well now. Franklin look out, you haven't seen a more lively, dancing group of volunteers that are working their tails off for our lovely whiskered friends. Sip sweet tea, play with the kittens and get your car washed, by donation, for a good cause this weekend at the Franklin TSC from 10-4. We look forward to seeing you there! … 🐾

What’s Happening

Katniss aka sonic

Operation Sonic Kitty

"It takes a village..." My phone buzzed, glowing with the message, "I found two babies and I see the momma up in the vents. No sign of the third." This was it, the home stretch of a nearly week long search that started with a phone call from a concerned citizen to our manager asking for help. The APB went out to all volunteers: Possibly wounded black and white stray. Last seen behind the dumpsters at Sonic drive through. Nearly 40 volunteers responded in the area. The initial response team set up a trap and made contact with the caller and Sonic establishment. Twelve volunteers were put on call for the trap to be checked every hour for the next 12 hours or until we caught the stray. It was 4:17 in the afternoon. This meant volunteers would be looking throughout the night. At 8:58 my phone was again aglow with the email, "Operation Sonic baby is a success! We have him in our possession, en route back home. Hooray!" Success! Or so we thought. The foster home that took her in discovered Sonic baby was a girl and full of milk! Upon further inquiry a night shift employee explained that she fed her every night and had noticed three weeks before that the stray was getting really fat and then got very thin. Shoot. This meant we had three-t5week old kittens somewhere with no mom. We reconvened. New plan: Set up perpetual feeders, draw together a volunteer list to check the feeders daily, make flyers to inform the surrounding residential and business area and release the mom back from where we caught her. More than two weeks of volunteer scheduling was sent out as we braced … 🐾


Shop AmazonSmile to Support Eva’s Eden

Eva's Eden is now set up to participate in AmazonSmile, Amazon's great charitable giving program.  When you designate a charity to support on AmazonSmile, the company will donate .5% of what you spend on eligible purchases to that non-profit organization.  If you do your shopping on Amazon, (we know we do!), it's a great way to support Eva's Eden without costing you a thing! To sign up, go to http://www.smile.amazon.com.  You'll be prompted to search for the charity you'd like to support.  Search for Eva's Eden, then log-in when the log-in page comes up.  Once you're logged in, you will need to confirm Eva's Eden as your charitable organization choice.  You'll receive a confirmation email once you've finished the sign-up process, and at the top of your AmazonSmile page, it will say which charity you are supporting.  Bookmark the AmazonSmile page, make your Amazon purchases as you normally would, and support us at the same time...what a deal.  Thanks for your support! … 🐾

Available Kittens


In the spring and summer, it is kitten time!  We have some darling babies who have been foster raised and socialized, who are ready for new homes.  Here are just a few of them…contact us for details or special requests!        

Special Needs Cats


Katsa Needs Medical Testing

Katsa needs:  $400-$500 for extensive fecal testing and medications once diagnosis is complete Petite in stature but great in spirit, Katsa was abandoned all alone in a box on the side of the road when she was roughly 8 weeks old. Off to a rocky start Katsa has been very brave but now she is in need of some extra medical care. She loves adventure, wants to spend every waking moment out in the sun and chases chickens like she ins't only 4 pounds! However, Katsa has a very irritated bowel and finds it uncomfortable to even sit. She has been to the vet numerous times and has been on too many medications to count. Eva's Eden is taking her to the best vets, but Katsa would really appreciate financial support as we hold her hand along the way … 🐾


Support Us Just by Doing Your Shopping at Kroger

We're very excited to be participating in Kroger's Community Rewards program, a great local fundraising opportunity that lets you select the charity of your choice to receive a percentage of what you spend at the grocery store each month.  That's right, you can support your favorite local charity just by purchasing the groceries and household items you would be purchasing anyway!  Kroger has promised a total of $2.5 million to local charities in the next 12 months that are near and dear to its customers' hearts.  It's a wonderful and very generous program.  After just a quick enrollment process, your spending dollars can start adding up! To get started, go to KrogerCommunityRewards.com to create an online account with Kroger if you don't already have one.  You'll need your Kroger Plus number handy.  If you don't have a Kroger Plus card, they are available for free at any Kroger service counter.  Once you've set up your account, go to the My Account section, scroll down to Community Rewards, and click Enroll.  Enter your information, search for Eva's Eden, and you're all done.  It's really easy, and it can add up to big rewards for your favorite non-profits, especially this time of year.  Thank you for your generous support!

Adoption Stories


Audi and Axel

Hi! I wanted to let you know that the brothers we adopted are doing amazing! Audi (Jade) and Axel (Archie) love the kids and love to play all day! I've attached a few picture for you. They are getting big and we couldn't imagine life without them! … 🐾


Mister Cuddles

We LOVE Mister Cuddles. He sleeps with us every night and is such a sweetie! I'm continually amazed at how loving he is. … 🐾


Beautiful Gigi

Hello! I received a call earlier regarding Gigi and how she is doing, I was wanting to email some pictures so I thought I would just respond via email! First off, Gigi has now become our beloved Zoey :) although it has only been a week since I brought her home, I can't imagine life without her! I'd like to think she feels the same way, as she has made herself right at home :) I don't know that I've ever met a cat more playful, yet so calm and cuddly! We LOVE it! She loves to cuddle, chase our feet under the blankets, and just be around us. Shes sitting beside me as I write this email! Its absolutely adorable the way she follows me around in the morning and sits in the bathroom with me and watches as I get ready for work. It's become our … 🐾