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Columbia-Daily-Herald2Thank you to Savannah Walker at the The Daily Herald for taking the time to chat with us at our mobile unit. It was great speaking with her. You can read her fabulous article here.

See us in Cool Springs

neuman2Eva’s Eden will be at the Pet Supermarket at 545 Cool Springs Blvd. in Franklin (behind Starbucks). Saturday from 10-5 Sunday 12:30-5 (Check website for changes in hours due to inclement weather)

Our mobile adoption unit will be brimming with cats, kittens and teens looking for their forever home. The adoption fee is $50 and includes spay/neuter, FVRCP vaccinations and FeLV testing. We’d love to see you there!

Your Urgent Help is Needed!

When you see a cat in the middle of a busy highway, what do you do? If you’re Eva’s Eden’s founder, you pull over, jump out of your car, and try to save the cat. What if you can’t catch or even find the cat? If you’re Eva’s Eden’s founder, you call on the volunteers in your organization for back up.

Siamese with poor vision seen before being trapped. This cat was led everywhere by another cat to their food source.

Siamese with poor vision seen before being trapped. This cat was led everywhere by another cat to their food source.

The volunteers drop what they are doing and form a search party, looking under cars, in bushes, behind dumpsters, through woods, under bridges, in ditches…you name it, they’re scouring it. And if they still can’t find the cat, they blanket the area, talking to nearby businesses and handing out flyers, setting up traps, and enlisting volunteers to check the traps every three hours around the clock. And if a trap yields a scared, injured, feral cat in the middle of the night, they take it to receive veterinary care before going home to send their kids off to school or to go off to work for the day.

If in the course of this searching the volunteers learn that this cat is just one member of an entire feral colony who live near a shopping center on a busy highway, they continue on like this for five to seven days until they have caught every cat they can, all the cats have received medical care and have been re-homed.

The volunteers take them to their own homes. They create spaces away from their other foster cats where these ferals can be warm and protected, they can feel safe and be fed but also be free to roam.

Sound easy? It’s not. And it’s certainly not free.

Freedom at the vet's office before removing pop can rings.

Freedom at the vet’s office before removing pop can rings.

Eva’s Eden was born out of love, and it has grown to be the largest cage-free no-kill cat rescue in Tennessee through the hard work and dedication of a small group of volunteers who share a common goal – to end suffering, and bring love to the world one cat at a time. This labor of love has now grown far beyond what a small group is able to financially support out of their own pockets. Since beginning the feral rescue at The Crossings of Spring Hill, Eva’s Eden has been inundated with requests from housing complexes, business centers, and neighbors, all asking that the same service be provided in their area. And we want to help. We can’t bear to think of another cold and terrifying night for cats with no home, foraging for food, fighting one another to survive, having babies exposed to the elements, and continuing the cycle of suffering. Our call is to end the suffering, and we are reaching out to the community to help us do it.

Each rescue like this costs at least $120 per cat just to get basic medical care, spay or neuter, ear tip, test, and vaccinations. And the sad truth is that many of the cats rescued from these sort of situations have injuries, illnesses, or handicaps that require further medical assistance or ongoing care.

Just yesterday we rescued this five-month old little girl who had somehow become entangled in plastic soda pop rings. She had a ring around her leg restricting her movement and even more dire, around her neck, which left in place would have slowly choked her or cut into her skin creating wounds and infection that would have killed her. She was unable to move well and was at great risk of becoming caught up, unable to find food or flee from danger. She was fated for a terrible end but thanks to the tireless efforts of Eva’s Eden’s volunteers, she is safe and she is free. Her name is Freedom and she represents what we wish for every cat like her, living a shortened life of danger and uncertainty, starving, fighting, and endlessly reproducing.

We want to save them all. We want them all to know love. We would like to continue to offer this hope to all the felines of Maury County and the surrounding communities, and we can do that with your help. To make a tax-deductible donation and become part of the story of hope and love, please become a monthly donor. Simply click the “Make This Recurring” box next to your donation amount.

Rescued Ferals Now Rehomed