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These are a sampling of some of the cats we currently have available for adoption. Click on a photo for more information about the cat. Please click on Hours & Contact if you would like to know more about Eva’s Eden. If you are planning to adopt please fill out our Adoption Application Form ahead of time to speed up the process.


  1. Is it possible to get her tomorrow, Wednesday Aug. 6? In Columbia or Nashville? Thx Jim

    • Hi, Jim–we are showing kitties this coming Saturday and Sunday in the same location as you met us before, the Thompson’s Station TSC. Hope to see you!

  2. Jim Newsom says:

    Do you still have “Tilly”? Saw her at ThimpsonsStation Saturday. Thx

    • Yes, we do still have Tilly. She is a spitfire, and she is still with us! It will be two weeks before we show kitties again, but please check our website for location as soon as we post. Thanks for getting in touch!

  3. Do you ever have any declawed cats?

    • Yes, we sure do. We have an eight year old female now who is declawed. If you’re looking for anything in particular, please let me know.

  4. Amanda Curtis says:

    I am interested in Rudy … is he still available?? Is he good with other cats?

    • Hi Amanda,
      Yes, Rudy is still available, and he’s fine with other cats. He’s just not very comfortable around people. He is quite skittish and shy, and it can be difficult to get close to him sometimes. But he is a beautiful cat who with time and in the right situation would settle in and may become more friendly with people. We’ve had him since he was about six months old, and he’s just always been shy. Thanks for your inquiry.

      • Okay …. that might not work… I have a cat that would pester him … What about Roxy?? Is she still available and really playful? I am looking for a playmate for my 4yo boy cat… :)

        • Hi Amanda–Roxy is also quite skittish and shy. I would recommend coming in to visit and see if you can find a kitty that you bond with and bonds with you. Often, you don’t know specifically until you meet them and see. We’re having a great special this weekend, so it’s a great time to visit!

  5. I saw on petfinder you have a Maine Coon kitten. Is it still available?

    • Hi Teri–We don’t have a Maine Coon kitten left now, unfortunately. Our youngest cat that looks like she is part Maine Coon is about six months old, and will be available in about two weeks. But she is our youngest. Let me know if you have any questions about meeting her.

  6. I am going to think about this.I am worried she would not like my dogs and would be stressed.I will try to get up there this week and look at your kitties again. Thanks Genny

  7. She would be cream color. I tried reading her pink tag but could not read it well. I am thinking maybe her name started with an R.I have 2 smaller dogs so need a cat that would be able to get use to a dog. I actually think I would like 2 cats so they could feel more comfortable.One of my dogs grew up with a cat and likes cats. I lost my cat to cancer last February. She was 13. Thanks Genny

    • Hi Genny–is it Shasta, seen here? http://www.evaseden.org/blue-eyed-shasta-2/ She is now spayed, and has been for about a week. She has feline leukemia, but we believe she got it from her mother. She is healthy and spry, but carries the virus. She could be with another kitty who’d been vaccinated for feline leukemia or had the virus him or herself. Please let me know if you’d like to see her again, and I can arrange to have her at the shelter to meet you!

  8. I was at your shelter on Sunday Dec.16. You had a female siamese or maybe she was a siames mix, about a year old I was told.I do not know her name.I really liked her.I am wondering if you know which cat I have in mind and if she is still available? She was a friendly little girl.She was not altered yet and I was told that would not probably happen until DEC. 31. Thanks, Genny (I live in Oak Habor)

    • Hi Genny–was she a cream colored Siamese or a gray Siamese? We have two that could match that description. Let me know and I’d be glad to provide you with more information.

  9. hi, i was wondering if annabelle was adopted yet?

    • Hi Ian–it hasn’t been completely confirmed yet, but yes, Annabelle has been applied for by a nursing facility in Blaine to be their resident kitty. We’re really excited for her. If you are interested, though, you are welcome to fill out an application in case things don’t go through. She’s a really sweet girl.

      • ok thank you, i was just wondering because we brought annabelle to the shelter and i was curious if she found a home yet

        • Oh yes, we remember your lovely family! Thank you for taking her in and caring for her when she needed you, and for finding us to help too! She is a darling kitty and is really making a lot of friends. Best wishes to you all!

  10. Drew Hampson says:

    My mom and I are coming up tomorrow (Sunday) and I am excited to see your cats! I noticed that some of the cats are in foster homes- will they be at the shelter too? I was particularly interested in Annabelle and Baxter but I noticed that Baxter isn’t on the website anymore. I’m looking for a lap kitty that wants to cuddle, is Annabelle like that? Which cats on the website are? Thanks for getting back to me!
    -Drew and Amy

    • Thanks for contacting us, Drew. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Yes, Annabelle is definitely a cuddler, and she should be here unless someone adopts her today. Baxter has a hard time here at the shelter, so we aren’t able to show him in our big room with our other kitties very often. He’s a nice boy, though I don’t think he’s a real cuddler. We have a big, lovely cuddler named Smokey Jasper who is really friendly and sweet. We also have a really sweet 6 month old Siamese mix kitten who is a doll and loves to cuddle. She has feline leukemia, so she’d need to be in a home where she’s alone or with another cat who either has leukemia or has been vaccinated for it. I’d definitely encourage you to come up and visit. The kitties have a way of picking the homes they want to go to, and letting you know in the meantime. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

      • Drew Hampson says:

        Okay, thank you! Smokey Jasper or Annabelle definitely seem like the type of cat I would be looking for! I will ask about them when we visit today.

  11. Marcy Landreth says:

    I am interested in adopting Richie and Jasper. Do you think they would be a good pair to adopt. We are older and have no small children in the house. There is also no dogs. I work 12 hrs a week and my husband works fulltime. We own our own home on Southside of Bellingham. These will be inside cats as we recently lost our 18 lb. Maine coon cross to Racoons or coyotes. It’s either 2 kittens or 2 adults that we need. I would like to wait for the 1st. weekend when all your cats are $ 20.12 .
    Please email me with some information about these two cats. Are they both alfa males? Are they house broke? Do they like attention? Do they like catnip?

    • Dear Marcy–I would definitely encourage you to come in and meet them. Richie is part Maine Coon, and is beautiful. Jasper is a silver and gray tabby who is also beautiful, though more shy and skittish. Richie has shown some desire to go outside, so it would be best he is placed in a home where he can safely go out. Jasper may do fine with a companion, but it would take a while for him to warm up. I’d recommend that you come up and meet our cats on the first weekend of the month, and see who speaks to you. We hope to meet you!

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